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Hello, and welcome to my site.  I am a Dowser, Leyhunter, researcher, and writer living on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border in   middle  England, close to what remains of the ancient and mysterious Forest of Sherwood. My interests also include earth mysteries, megaliths, the origins of civilisation, psychic questing and the spiritual transformation of consciousness.

I began researching my family history at the age of thirteen when I came across an old family bible amongst my late Grandmother's belongings.   This developed into an interest in local history and a fascination with the landscape. After moving from Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire in 1996, and finding that several decades earlier there had been a murder in the house I had moved into,   I started to take an interest in  all things esoteric. In 2006 I read Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. This sparked an interest in Landscape Geometry and Earth Mysteries and led me to Dan Green's Lincoln Da Vinci Code, a little closer to home. That paved the way to Leyhunting and to the ancient art of Dowsing.  As my dowsing journey progressed I realised it was also a spiritual journey  and I was drawn to areas such as Psychic Questing and  the spiritual transformation of consciousness.




Over the years I have written many articles, some of which have been published in the journals and newsletters of the various organisations I have been a member of,   I have also co-authored a local history book and had articles published in a few low-profile books.

I have
made available many of my  articles in PDF format for download from this site.  All the articles are free of charge. Select the various menu items for  lists of articles on that particular subject then click READ MORE on a selection for a synopsis of what that article is about and then click DOWNLOAD if you wish to read it.

On the
Earth Energies & Leys       page you will find  some articles that I wrote for the journals of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) and the Society of Leyhunters (SOL) along with various other articles about earth energies.

On the   Landscape Geometry page you will find information about the various landscape pentagrams and other geometries that I came  across when I first embarked upon my Leyhunting and Dowsing journey.   

On the
Dowsing Sherwood  page you can find some articles about my  adventures dowsing in the Sherwood area that also discuss my thinking about the nature of so-called Earth Energies  and Leys. 

Earth Mysteries   page contains several articles that combine my varying interests in Earth Energies, Landscape Geometry, the Origins of Civilisation, Megaliths,  Psychic Questing, the spiritual transformation of consciousness and the Lincoln Cathedral Codex. Many of these were originally written as contributor articles for the now defunct Dan Green Codex website.

Finally, the
History   page contains some older   articles that I wrote about family and local history  as well as the local history  book that I co-authored.



If you have an interest in Dowsing why not visit the website of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) where you will find information about courses, workshops, affiliated local groups that you can join, conferences, symposiums, videos, a YouTube channel and Zooms as well as an online shop where you can purchase dowsing tools and books.  BSD members receive  the journal 'Dowsing Today'  which includes  articles written by Dowsers  and news from the Dowsing community.

If you would like to attend the monthly Earth Energies Group (EEG) Zoom please email

If you would like to attend the monthly Spirituality Special Interest Group (SSIG) Zoom please email

In add
ition, links to the various organisations and groups mentioned in my articles are provided  on the   pages that the articles can be downloaded from. 


The Sherwood Dowser Motto: Dowsing works best when combined with tea and cake!


Thank you for your visit. I hope you find something of interest here. 

Bright Blessings

Mave Calvert, aka Mave Marian, the Sherwood Dowser

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