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Deciphering the Gower Memorial (2018)

This article discusses a ritual known as 'The Living Resurrection' which is said to have been practiced since pre-diluvial times. This ritual involves the alchemical transformation of the consciousness of an initiate.

Several layers of clues placed within Stratford-upon-Avon's Gower Memorial at the behest of Carl Jung's collective unconscious are deciphered to show that Sir Francis Bacon may have been one such initiate who underwent a Rosicrucian version of the Living Resurrection giving him access to much revealed knowledge that he was then able to incorporate into the works of 'Shakespeare'.

The article shows how other layers of clues in the Gower memorial point back to Lincoln and the allegorical Murder of Mary Magdalene.

This was originally published as a contributor article on the Dan Green Codex website, however that website no longer exists so any links in the article will no longer work.

Click here to download PDF (33 pages, 3.5mb)

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