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Stars and Stones: Lincoln and the Gypsy Zodiac (2021)

This article brings together my interests in Earth Energies, Landscape Geometry, the Origins of Civilisation, Megaliths, Landscape Journeying, Psychic Questing, the Transformation of Consciousness and the Lincoln Cathedral Codex. It is about an ancient pilgrim path that once went from Doggerland to the west coast of Ireland along the line of sunrise and sunset on the Equinoxes. The Energy 'Dragon' Lines that guided the ancient pilgrims along this route still flow between Lincolnshire and Anglesey and tell the story of how the Megalithic peoples once lived.

The websites of the Psychic Quester, Graham Phillips, the Zoence Academy where the the British Landscape Zodiac is detailed and the artist, writer and performer Jill Smith who walked the Gypsy Switch are linked below.

This was originally published as a contributor article on the Dan Green Codex website, however that website no longer exists so any links in the article will no longer work.

Click here to download PDF (28 pages, 2.3mb)

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